Many draft options, lifting-keels, twin keels and double rudder

53,00 m2
38,00 m2
Fresh water tank
Fuel tank

Nordship 430 DS Classic

The Nordship 430 DS Classic was originally conceived by an owner who wanted even more interior volume than he had in his Nordship 430 DS. It’s a fine example of how we can customise our deck saloon yachts for our customers and we now offer the Nordship 430 DS Classic for those who want even more interior space to make their dreams come true.

We extended the deck and joined the split cockpit into one long, spacious centre cockpit; we also redesigned the interior around the owner’s other request, a hydraulic lifting keel. The lifting keel also required the single deep spade rudder to be replaced by twin rudders, allowing the yacht to dry out on her bottom.

The modern counter transom of the Nordship 430 DS is replaced by a classic vertical transom with a built-in, fold-down bathing platform. The vertical transom increases the yacht’s interior volume considerably, enabling us to bring the galley neatly under the cockpit and still retain a vast, full-beam aft cabin and a snug area below the opposite side of the cockpit. The raised, J-shaped deck saloon seating can conceal a lifting keel mechanism seamlessly, while still retaining the excellent views from the saloon and navigation station.

In the original Nordship 430 Classic, the aft cabin was for guests and the forward area of the yacht was dedicated to the owner: a huge suite in the forepeak with an island double berth, plus separate toilet and shower compartments, both en suite. That interior design worked extremely well, but like all Nordships, the interior of the Nordship 430 Classic can be fully customised to your exact requirements.

Grid slide - An ideal interior 2 - 430 DS Classic

Inside the saloon of a Nordship 430 deck saloon
An ideal interior

Our raised saloon in the centrepiece of all our yachts. The distinctive large coachroof windows give those inside a great view out, whichever direction they are facing and whatever the weather. You might want to shelter from the sun and its heat or seek warmth and refuge during a cold wet winter’s sail – either way, a Nordship saloon is a wonderful space to relax in.

Grid slide - An ideal interior 3 - 430 DS

Aft cabin of a Nordship 430 deck saloon
An ideal interior

Whether you’re on passage or in harbour, the aft cabin has remarkable living space for the size of yacht. Unlike most other shipyards, we don’t try to cram accommodation for four people under the cockpit. Instead, we give you and your partner space and privacy away from the rest of the crew, with your private en suite toilet and shower compartment available on most models.

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Nordship 430 deck saloon sailing
Sailing qualities

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because our yachts were built for comfort using top-quality materials, they weren’t built to perform well too. The use of a high-aspect ratio rig with a moderate sail area and a sweetly balanced, easily driven hull form with a lead-bulb keel, all Nordship yachts are nimble and rewarding to sail with a healthy turn of speed.

Grid slide - sailing qualities 3 - 430 DS Classic

Nordship 430 DS Classic self-tacking jib system
Sailing qualities

We make sailing easier and more enjoyable by offering a self-tacking jib as standard. This complements the modern high aspect ratio rig perfectly, keeping loads easily manageable whether you’re on deck alone or sailing with a crew.

Grid slide - building process 4 - 430 DS Classic

Interior of a Nordship 430 deck saloon
Building process

The interior layout is tailored to your personal design. We can incorporate your ideas into one of our recommended layouts, or you can have the interior modified in any way that best suits you.

Grid slide - building process 1

A Nordship deck saloon being build
Building process

A Nordship yacht can be built to your exact requirements, even down whether you’d prefer to have a balsa or a Divinycell foam core in the hull to save weight and improve strength. Our semi-custom range gives owners free reign to get deeply involved with the design of their yacht, so before the gelcoat touches the mould you know you’ll have the right boat for you.

Grid slide - building process 2

High quality Nordship drawer craftet to perfection.
Building process

If you prefer even fewer constraints, our Custom Line gives you complete freedom to have the Nordship you’ve always wanted, built just for you. Whichever of our yachts you choose, she’ll be built with levels of passion and the craftsmanship that very few other yards can rival.

Grid slide - Building process 3

Nordship Steelframe in the hull
Building process

To make our boats strong and spread the loads associated with the keel and rig, we use a substantial galvanized steel frame laminated into the hull. But we don’t stop there. Every piece of furniture, bulkhead or seat base that lies against the hull is laminated into position, increasing the hull’s strength and its rigidity.

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Thomas Dan Hougaard

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