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 Nordship 40 DS
 Nordship 40 DS
 Nordship 40 DS
Nordship 40 DS
47,00 m2
31,00 m2
Fresh water tank
Fuel tank
Keel weight
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The boat

The 40DS is the most popular model in our Nordship range. She hits the sweet spot for those who want to spend long periods of time on board, cruising far and wide. We’ve increased tankage and stowage far beyond what is usual for this size of yacht, while her modern hull design and powerful sailplan give her a rewarding turn of speed.

On deck, the split cockpit design is both practical and safe, allowing the helmsman to control all lines and winches from the wheel without the crew blocking any part of the aft cockpit. The forward cockpit has a high coaming and well-rounded corners, making it a comfortable place to relax whether you’re anchored or under sail.

The 40DS offers her owners ample volume and space to customise the interior. There is a spacious, well-appointed aft cabin with remarkable headroom above the large double berth. There is room for an en suite heads and shower compartment, or that space could be devoted to extra stowage for the cabin and/or the cockpit.

The raised saloon has a spacious, open feeling so that when the yacht is under way, anyone navigating or relaxing around the large saloon table is treated to an excellent view while remaining warm, dry and sheltered. Beneath the saloon seating it’s possible to have a third cabin for guests and family.

Building process

Better build process

A Nordship yacht can be built to your exact requirements, even down whether you’d prefer to have a balsa or a Divinycell foam core in the hull to save weight and improve strength. Our semi-custom range gives owners free reign to get deeply involved with the design of their yacht, so before the gelcoat touches the mould you know you’ll have the right boat for you.

If you prefer even fewer constraints, our Custom Line gives you complete freedom to have the Nordship you’ve always wanted, built just for you. Whichever of our yachts you choose, she’ll be built with levels of passion and the craftsmanship that very few other yards can rival.


An ideal interior

The interior is another area where our yachts excel. Not only are they hand-crafted by highly experienced Danish craftsmen, we can tailor the interior to precisely suit your personal preferences: your choice of layout, your choice of wood, your choice of styling.

Our raised saloon in the centrepiece of all our yachts. The distinctive large coachroof windows give those inside a great view out, whichever direction they are facing and whatever the weather. You might want to shelter from the sun and its heat or seek warmth and refuge during a cold wet winter’s sail – either way, a Nordship saloon is a wonderful space to relax in.

Sailing properties

Excellent sailing qualities

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because our yachts were built for comfort using top-quality materials, they weren’t built to perform well too. Of course our hulls need high volume inside to make your life on board comfortable and hold all of the equipment you need for extended cruising, but though the use of a high-aspect ratio rig with a moderate sail area and a sweetly balanced, easily driven hull form with a lead-bulb keel, all Nordship yachts are nimble and rewarding to sail with a healthy turn of speed.

Hand build

The interior layout is tailored to your personal design. We can incorporate your ideas into one of our recommended layouts, or you can have the interior modified in any way that best suits you.

hand build with care